The Kubert School faculty are some of the most interesting artists working today, each specializing in a specific field. Our faculty are committed educators and working professionals who personally invest in nurturing their students and help define them into the artist they aspire to be.

Get to know our Practicing Professionals and staff of The Kubert School.

Currently, The Kubert School boasts a staff of instructors who are practicing professionals in their chosen field. Their talents range from Fantasy Illustrations to Computer Graphics. Faculty members are professionally oriented, practicing artists/designers with broad teaching experience in the diverse areas of the art world.The staff is available to assist in all aspects of the student's education and training.


Doug Compton


Doug attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 1975. In 1978, Doug joined Perpetual Motion Pictures as an animation artist. Later, he worked freelance for several studios in New York expanding his clientele in other cities. In 1981 he created Karmatoon, his freelance animation company.


Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Michael Sporn Animation and Nickelodeon