The Kubert School has and will continue to pride itself in bringing forth a new generation of skilled and well-educated Cartoonists, Illustrators, and more. We believe talent is not the only tool for success; passion, drive and a strong work ethic are what make our students stand above the rest.

Our Mission.

Over the past years since its formation, The Kubert School has continued to hone its focus, direction and curriculum in preparing our students for the professions towards which they have dedicated themselves. The objective of the school has not altered since its inception. We will continue to bring the finest professional practitioners to compose our faculty of instructors, all of whom give unstintingly of their time, understanding, and knowledge. They afford the aspiring cartoonists of tomorrow an unequaled source of experience, and provide them with a solid foundation upon which the students may build a satisfying career.

Cartoon-Graphics© continues to grow, offering limitless opportunities for those professionals properly prepared to take advantage of the various media to which the art of cartooning may be applied. It is the aim and purpose of this institution to add to the ranks of our profession those people whose work and attitude reflects the highest level of the art. Recognizing the goal, the application of a sustained effort makes the goal attainable.

Joe Kubert, Founder