The Kubert School has contributed some of the industries most talented and skilled cartoonists to date. A significant amount go onto work for well-known companies like Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Archie Comics, etc. See what they, our students and parents have to say about The Kubert School.

See what past students, parents and employers are saying about The Kubert School.

Listed below is a collection of the wonderful testimonials we have received from students, parents and employers. We are pleased and honored by the positive responses said about The Kubert School.

I am so looking forward to meeting each of you at graduation. On behalf of our whole family, thank you for the knowledge, the kindness and the love that you have shown to our son in his 3 years with the school. You all have gone above and beyond with the students and in our specific case with our son in making this an experience of a lifetime for him.
Andrea H. Seaford, DE

How lucky I was to have gone to your school. I remember all the great lessons I learned while at the school. Between the great teachers I had and the lifelong friends I made while in Dover, I've been able to take all that experience and make a pretty good career for myself. Going to your school was the luckiest thing that's ever happened to me! Thanks for everything!
Mark I. San Diego, CA

I just wanted to give you a note of my thanks. My three years at your school were some of the best of my life. I'm looking forward to getting out in the market place and doing what I love for a career. Thanks again.
David C. Dover, NJ

In May, I was invited to the World Village Festival in Finland to exhibit my drawings. It was very successful. I had press conferences, TV. interviews and radio interviews. I am glad that I was born an artist and trained as an artist at The Kubert School.
Ed F. London, England

I would like to express my profound appreciation to you and your staff. I had contacted your school in the hopes of finding an artist/illustrator to help us with a very sensitive and special project. Subsequently, we were successful in hiring one of your students. The student has developed for us some of the finest artwork for our project. We are very pleased with his professional command of his vocation. We are happy to extend our thanks and appreciation to your school and your personnel who have been so important and helpful to the success of our project.
Vincent L. Chester, NJ

I would like to thank the entire staff of the school and anyone employed there, for providing me with great experiences supplied in a courteous and respectful manner. I hope to keep in touch with friends I've made at the school.
Dan M.

I continue to be impressed with the high degree of skill and training demonstrated by those who have gone through The Kubert School. Your former students have made many important and valuable contributions to this company and our publishing efforts.
Bob H., Editor-in-Chief, Marvel Entertainment Group

I continue to be pleased with the high caliber of ability and professionalism shown by the many artists who have come to DC from The Kubert School. They have made many important and valuable contributions to our company and our publishing efforts and I look forward to a continued relationship.
Paul L. Vice-President, DC Comics

Your graduates' contributions to the continued success of Dark Horse Comics are much appreciated by us. Please keep up the good work.
Mike R. Dark Horse Comics Inc.

Over the years, Hypnotix has enjoyed the privilege of hiring many artists and animators that have gone through training at The Kubert School. They have proven themselves to be valuable assets to our company and our animation efforts. We look forward to reviewing future Kubert School students for employment.
Jason S. Art Director, Hypnotix Inc.

I thought it was time (probably past time) to thank you for all of your help and for guiding me into what has become a very exciting and rewarding branch of the graphic arts. Learning how to tell a story with pictures has helped me, as the role of the graphic journalist becomes more prominent in newsrooms today. Being able to take a complex issue, event or process, that would be very confusing and lengthy to describe with text, and illustrate it so it is clear and easy to understand is a skill valued by an increasing number of newspapers. In most newsrooms, the art department is the quickest growing department and it is because of the expanding field of graphic journalism.
Bob R. Bloomfield, NJ

I came away from the school with better cartooning skills and a different perspective on my craft.
Bob Q. Ashland, KY

I am currently working as a storyboard artist in Ireland. Since graduating, I've been able to apply a lot of what was taught at your school. Now your story-telling class is proving to be very valuable.
Brad R.

I want you to know that I've never seen my son so happy as this past year (semester) at The Kubert School. He's never had to work so hard and he's never learned so much before.
Kay S. Thornwood, NY

We enjoyed the tour immensely. The"apprenticeship" approach and project-based learning really captured my interest. The school's pragmatic emphasis on preparing its students for real-world opportunities in a variety of creative settings has great appeal. From my perspective, at this stage of life, I appreciate the school's seriousness and professionalism.
Ed M. Glenside, PA

I'm glad to see The Kubert School finally getting the publicity and recognition it has always deserved.
James E.

I believe the school you have erected is fantastic. I want to maximize my potential. I see your school as being a way for me to accomplish this.
Rashim U. Fairborn, OH

There are only 2 schools in the world I've dreamed about going to since I was a kid. Sheridan College and The Kubert School.
Logan P. Ontario, Canada