“How do I get to the school?” The Frequently Asked Questions page answers the most common questions. If you do not find the question you are looking for please call the Admissions office at 973 3611327. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How much is the tuition?

Is The Kubert School a degree-bearing program?

No, it is an accredited, three year, vocational school. We do not offer
any academic courses like English, math or science. Our goal is simply
to instill within our students the skills necessary towards finding jobs in
the cartooning and commercial art field.

What is the placement rate for your graduates?

Please select our placement rate page for further information.

What kind of jobs do your graduates get?

Our alumni have jobs in comic books, animation, video
games, greeting cards, advertising, graphic design, illustration and toy
design among others.

Where do your graduates get jobs?

We have alumni working for many companies including Marvel, DC,
Archie Comics, Dark Horse, Image, TokyoPop, King Features Syndicate,
Hasbro Toys, Wizards of the Coast, Kenner Toys,Scholastic Books,
Henson Associates, Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Nickelodeon, Cartoon
Network, and Hallmark Greeting Cards.

Can a student work and still attend the school?

While the Kubert School does not prohibit part time work, it does not
encourage it, either. Ours is a demanding regimen. However, about
30%of our students engage in part time work while attending The
Kubert School. The few students who attempt full time work rarely last
at the school.

How much money does a cartoonist make?

There are too many variables involved before anyone can accurately
predict a commercial artist's potential earnings. However, according to
www.careerbuilder.com, an average cartoonists annual income is
about $51,350.

When can I apply to The Kubert School?

We are currently accepting applications for the upcoming school year as we are on a rolling admission.

What are the requirements for getting into The Kubert School?

Enrollment is available to anyone who has earned a HS diploma or its
equivalent. (Foreign students must also have achieved a passing grade
in TOEFL and be able to fill out an I-20). The applicant must first fill
out the required form included in our school catalog and mail it to us
with an application fee of $50 (money order or bank check) in order to
arrange either and in-person or telephone interview date. During this
interview they will present a representative sample of their artwork
consisting of 15-25 pieces.

What are you looking for in a portfolio?

Do you have any dormitories?

Yes, we have two dormitory buildings in and around the town of
Dover, NJ. The buildings are reconditioned private homes. We
can accommodate 45 students in those three structures.
Although priority is usually assigned to first year students, the first
45 students to pay their rent in full for the entire year will be the
first eligible for housing. The annual rent is $5950. The rent does
not include a food service plan as we do not have a cafeteria or
restaurant in any of our dorms. There are places for the students to
prepare their own meals, but they must set aside additional
funds for food and cooking supplies. All students must share their
rooms with at least one other student. No students will have
private rooms. The students must share cooking facilities and
bathroom facilities. Each dorm is within easy walking distance
of convenience stores, pharmacies and laundromats. Two of the
dorms have private parking lots which the students can use free of

For more information, see Housing.

What kind of courses do you offer?

Each year at The Kubert School, our students are required to study a
mandatory curriculum of ten year- long courses. Some of these are
Basic Drawing, the Human Figure, Narrative Art, Layout, Design,
Methods & Materials, and Humor & Caricature. Business of Art is
also mandatory at the upper levels.

How long is your program?

The school offer three years worth of study.

The three years consist of three, one year programs; Cartoon I, Cartoon II, Cartoon II. Each year
starts on the first Monday after Labor Day and ends before Memorial
Day. Classes are held Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM-
3:10 PM.

Do you have any vacations?

Our students have the usual - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mid-Winter
and Easter Vacation. There are also holidays like Columbus Day,
Election Day, Veterans Day, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s

Do you have any guest speakers visit?

We have welcomed comic book creators Darwyn Cooke and Jimmy
Palmiotti; Joe Quesada, Managing Editor of Marvel Comics; Jim Lee,
Co-Publisher of DC Comics; writer Denny O’Neill; animator Ralph
Bakshi; movie director Ray Harryhausen ; and many others.

Graphic design companies such as Hasbro Toys, Fractured Pixels, TOPPS, and many others have spoken to our students about making money in the graphic design field.

Where do you go on field trips?

We have taken students out to The Frank Frazetta Museum, the
Brandywine River Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the
Museum of Modern Art, Marvel Entertainment and DC Comics.

The students have enjoyed fields trips to Grounds for Sculpture, Central Park, and New York Comic Con.

Who is Joe Kubert?

Joe Kubert’s extraordinary career spans the history of the comic book in
America: he began drawing comics in 1938, just as Superman made his
debut in Action Comics #1.... [Full Bio]

Who is Andy Kubert?

Andy Kubert graduated from The Kubert School, founded by his father, Joe Kubert. He began his drawing career at DC Comics...[Full Bio]

What is Dover, NJ like?

As described on www.wikipedia.com “Dover is a town in Morris County, New Jersey, on the Rockaway River. Dover is 39 miles (63 km) west of New York City and 29 miles (47km) west of Newark, New Jersey. As of the United States Census, 2000, the town’s population was 18,188.” It is a sleepy, little town which primarily exists to accommodate the commuters of NW NJ who work in NYC. For further info, check out en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dover,_New_Jersey, as well as the town’s official website www.dover.nj.us/

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