At The Kubert School, our relationship with you and commitment does not end at graduation. Our alumni’s are heavily involved with the school. A handful return as teachers and/or visiting guest speakers. Many go on to work for some of the industries biggest names.

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    Within the Alumni section of the website, you will find ways to get involved and to support The Kubert School. We encourage you to invest in the arts and education and to make a difference at the The Kubert School. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact The Kubert School at 973.361.1327.

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    While we cannot list all our extremely talented alumni and their accomplishments, we present the following list of some of our former students.

    Stephen Bissette

    American comics artist, editor, and publisher with a focus on the horror genre; best known for working with writer Alan Moore and inker John Totleben on the DC comic Swamp Thing in the 1980s.

    Years of Attendance: 1976-78

    Garry Brown

    Know for his work on The Massive and Catwoman.
    Years of attendance 2007-2010

    Sergio Cariello

    Artist for many comic publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and CrossGen Comics; currently penciler/inker on the Lone Ranger for Dynamite Entertainment.

    Years of Attendance: 1987-88, 1991-93

    Sherm Cohen

    Sherm Cohen is a cartoonist, writer, storyboard artist and director of animated cartoons. He got his start in animation at Nickelodeon on The Ren and Stimpy Show. 

    Sherm Cohen was invited by SpongeBob's creator Steve Hillenburg to be part of the original SpongeBob SquarePants crew. He has also been a major contributor to Hey Arnold, Walt Disney Studio's Phineas and Ferb, and the innovative Fish Hooks.

    In 2011 Sherm received an Emmy nomination for his work as director on Disney's Kick Buttowski.

    Years of attendance: 1983–85

    Kevin Colden

    Eisner Award-nominated, Xeric Grant winning American comic book artist for the graphic novel Fishtown; primarily known as a webcomics artist (Rule the Night), his work has been published in print by Zuda Comics, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Alternative Comics, and Top Shelf Productions.

    Years of Attendance: 1998-01

    Amanda Conner

    Penciler on Power Girl, the Supergirl strip in the Eisner Award-nominated Wednesday Comics, Vampirella and The Pro with Garth Ennis from Image Comics.

    Years of Attendance: 1983-85

    Shane Davis

    Artist on Superman: Earth One, Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns, Batman, Mystery in Space and Superman/Batman.

    Years of Attendance: 1999-02

    Dave Dorman

    Eisner Award-winning science fiction, horror and fantasy illustrator on Indiana Jones, Batman, and Superman; better known for his work on Star Wars.

    Years of Attendance: 1977-78

    Jan Duursema

    Eisner and Russ Manning Award-winning comic book artist known for her work on the Star Wars comics franchise; She was the creator of Denin and Vila from Naldar, the Twi\'lek Jedi Aayla Secura and the Kiffar Jedi Quinlan Vos.; has also worked on Batman, Spider-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men.

    Years of Attendance: 1977-79

    Jared K. Fletcher

    Eisner Award-nominated letterer of Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier and Paul Pope's Batman: Year 100.

    Years of Attendance: 2000-03

    Matt Hollingsworth

    Eisner Award-winning colorist on Preacher, Daredevil, and Hellboy.

    Years of Attendance: 1988-91

    Morry Hollowell

    Colorist on various Marvel Comics titles including Civil War and Old Man Logan with frequent collaborator, Steve McNiven.

    Years of Attendance: 1996-99

    Karl Kesel

    He was an inker of note on Superman, and Suicide Squad before he moved on to writing such titles as Fantastic Four, Daredevil and The Human Torch for Marvel and Batman/Superman: World’s Finest and Harley Quinn for DC.

    Years of Attendance: 1977-78

    Scott Kolins

    Illustrator, writer and creator for multiple different superhero and science fiction comic books such as The Flash, Marvel Comics Presents, Prime, Marvel Team-Up, Legion of Super-Heroes, and Beyond!

    Years of Attendance: 1989-92

    Steve Lieber

    Eisner Award-winning artist on Whiteout: Melt, and co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Creating a Graphic Novel.

    Years of Attendance: 1987-90

    Stan Madaloni

    Founder of MADA Designs

    Years of Attendance: 1985-86

    Alex Maleev

    Eisner and Russ Manning Award-winning artist best known for his work on Daredevil with Brian Michael Bendis. Other notable projects include Scarlet, Spider-Woman, Halo: Uprising, The Crow, and Secret Invasion: Dark Reign.

    Years of Attendance: 1994-95

    Tom Mandrake

    Notable comic book artist, perhaps best known for his collaborations with writer John Ostrander on multiple comic books, including Grimjack (from First Comics) and The Spectre, Martian Manhunter, and Firestorm, from DC Comics; also artist on Batman, The Punisher, and the X-Files.

    Years of Attendance: 1977-79

    Chris Mooneyham

    Artist and co-creator of Five Ghosts, artist on Predator.

    Years of attendance 2007-2010

    Nick Napolitano

    Nick Napolitano returned to DC Comics in 1999 as a Pre Press artist.  Napolitano has also worked as a comic artist, including on \"Legion of Super Heroes: and \"Crisis on Infinite Earths\" for DC and has done prolific work as a letterer.  In his new role, Nick will continue to oversee the Production and Lettering departments as well as head up DC\'s newly-created Tech Ops department.  Tech Ops\' main role will be to assist in creating synergy between DC Entertainment\'s bi-coastal production workflows.

    Years Attended: 1987 - 1990

    Mike Pellerito

    President and Managing Editor of Archie Comics.

    Years of Attendance: 1996-99

    Bill Presing

    Storyboard artist for Up and Ratatouille for Pixar Studios, and The Venture Bros. from Cartoon Network\'s Adult Swim; creator of Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher comic.

    Years of Attendance: 1993-96

    Tom Raney

    American comic book artist known for illustrating titles as Thor, Stormwatch, Annihilation Conquest, Alpha Flight, Ultimate X-Men and Uncanny X-Men for Marvel Comics; DV8 and Stormwatch for Image Comics; and Outsiders for DC Comics.

    Years of Attendance: 1985-88

    Cliff Rathburn

    American comic book artist. Frequent collaborator of Robert Kirkman -- graytone artist for Walking Dead, inker of Invincible and penciler/inker/colorist for Reaper. Also inks Tony Harris on Mark Millar's War Heroes from Image Comics.

    Years of Attendance: 1998-01

    Bart Sears

    American comic book artist on Justice League Europe, X-O Manowar, The First, and more recently, Warlord; most recently was senior concept artist at gaming company Heatwave Interactive, based in Austin, Texas.

    Years of Attendance: 1982-84

    Eric Shanower

    Eisner and Russ Manning Award-winning creator of Age of Bronze, and writer of the Marvel Comics adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

    Years of Attendance: 1981-84

    Andy Smith

    Artist on titles from Marvel, DC Comics and Image. Author of "Drawing Dynamic Comics" and "Drawing American Manga Super-Heroes".

    Years of Attendance: 1988-91

    Timothy Truman

    American writer, artist and musician. He is best known for his stories and Wild West-style comic book art, and in particular, for his work on Grimjack (with John Ostrander), Scout, and the reinvention of Jonah Hex with Joe R. Lansdale; currently writes Conan the Barbarian.

    Years of Attendance: 1978-81

    Rob Tornoe

    Political cartoonist for, a network of state-oriented political websites owned by The New York Observer; member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists and provides cartoons to The Press of Atlantic City, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The News Journal, and others.

    Years of Attendance: 2003-06

    Rick Veitch

    American comic book artist and writer who has worked in mainstream, underground, and alternative comics; artist on with Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Miracleman, 1963, Supreme, Greyshirt; also worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bratpack, The Maximortal, the One, 1963, Army@Love, Aquaman, The Question, Can’t Get No, Roarin’ Rick’s rare Bit Fiends .

    Years of Attendance: 1976-78

    Brandon Vietti

    Emmy-winning director of The Batman animated series; animation director on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman/Doomsday, Spider-Man, and Jackie Chan Adventures; and co-producer of Young Justice animated series.

    Years of Attendance: 1993-96

    Adam Warren

    Artist/writer for the American Dirty Pair comic adaptations; also Livewires, Gen¹³, and others; one of the first American commercial illustrators to draw using the manga style; latest projects are Iron Man: Hypervelocity and Empowered.

    Years of Attendance: 1985-88

    Lee Weeks

    Artist on Daredevil, Captain America, Gambit, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man: Death and Destiny (written by Lee, as well).

    Years of Attendance: 1981-83

    Mike Wolfer

    Artist best known for his work with Warren Ellis on Gravel, Wolfskin, Strange Kiss and Strange Killings all from Avatar Press. Other notable works include Alan Moore's Yuggoth Creatures, Dark Horse Comics' Godzilla, Chaos! Comics’ Lady Death, Garth Enni' Streets of Glory, George Romero's Night of the Living Dead, New Line Cinema's Friday the 13th and John Russo's Escape of the Living Dead.

    Years of Attendance: 1982-84