The Kubert School Spotlight recognizes a chosen Kubert School instructor or alumni, showcasing their work and journey as a comic book professional.

    Talent from The Kubert School


    Adam Pedrone

    Graphic Designer

    Name: Adam Pedrone

    First job after finishing school: Penciler/Inker for Tell-A-Graphics

    Current job: Graphic Designer for Rosanne Sall Advertising

    Reason I love my job: It's full time, I have company paid health insurance and I get to be creative.

    Current city: Binghamton, New York

    I started Drawing: In third grade.

    Favorite Artist: Frank Miller

    Favorite book: Til' We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis

    Film I could watch over and over: Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I'm listening to: Kevin Max: Broken Temples 

    Last comic book I read: Batman: Zero Year

    Drawing instrument of choice: Mechanical pencil

    Currently working on: Developing a comic strip on the weekends after a week of graphic design at my full time job.

    You can find my work here:

    Attended the Kubert School from: 2008 to 2011