The Kubert School Spotlight recognizes a chosen Kubert School instructor or alumni, showcasing their work and journey as a comic book professional.

    Talent from The Kubert School


    Clayton Cowles


    Name: Clayton Cowles

    First job after finishing school: Lettering intern for Virtual Calligraphy/Marvel Comics and letterer for Image Comics.

    Current job: Full-time letterer for Virtual Calligraphy/Marvel Comics and Image Comics.

    Reason I love/hate my job: I love my job because I can work at home and tell other people's stories. I hate my job because I have to stay at home and tell other people's stories.

    Current city: Rochester, New York.

    I started drawing when: I was a four-year-old.

    Favorite artist: Hergé

    Favorite book: I don't even know anymore.

    Film I could watch over and over: The Sound of Music

     I’m listening to: Stevie Wonder, the American Graffiti soundtrack, more pop music, and a host of podcasts.

    Last comic book I read: Seven to Eternity by Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña.

    Drawing instrument of choice: Either the 21" Wacom Cintiq or a disposable mechanical pencil.

    Currently working on: One of 23 books.

    You can find my work: in any number of comics, but if it's a website you're after, I'm at

    Attended The Kubert School from 2006 to 2009.


    Marvel, Image