The Kubert School Spotlight recognizes a chosen Kubert School instructor or alumni, showcasing their work and journey as a comic book professional.

    Talent from The Kubert School


    Fernando Pinto

    Comic artist/art instructor

    First job after finishing school: Freelance storyboard artist for advertising agencies and production companies. Independent comic book artist; Ursa Minors published by Slave Labor Graphics.

    Current job: Teacher of the Illustration program at DuocUC. Independent comic book artist; Sam´s Big ChanceVarua Rapa Nui,Fumetsu.

    Reason I love my job: You get to draw (Or teach others how to), what´s not to love?

    Current city: Santiago, Chile

    I started drawing when: They told me, “hey you can draw here”, and I kinda dug it.

    Favorite artist: Waaay too many to mention. Currently Romon Pérez

    Favorite book: All time: Stray Bullets, Right now: Extremity

    Film I could watch over and over: Pulp Fiction

    I’m listening to podcasts while I work.

    Last comic book I read: Probably, Extremity

    Drawing instrument of choice: Techpens and a cintiq

    Currently working on: Mitch Hammer (Kickstarter project) and Monarchs (Scout Comics, coming out in September)

    You can find my work here:

    Attended The Kubert School from 2001 to 2004