The Kubert School Spotlight recognizes a chosen Kubert School instructor or alumni, showcasing their work and journey as a comic book professional.

    Talent from The Kubert School


    Jerry Wilson

    Art Director

    Name: Jerry Wilson

    First job after finishing school:
    I worked at Telegraphics for a bit right after graduation then went on to Mada Design working with many other Kubert school graduates. I worked there for about six years.

    Current job:
    I am currently an Art Director at High 5 Games. I lead a team working on application design for H5G's current and future games. 

    I also do a lot of work for Hasbro doing photo retouching and illustration on their Marvel, Nerf and Pet Shop lines. Last count, I had worked on over 300 packages over the years.

    Reason I love/hate my job: I Iove working in such a fast pace field and getting feed back from our audience right away. Our app High 5 Casino has had over 13 million users, that's a lot of eyes on your work.

    I love the Hasbro work because I get to do it in my free time and see my work in every Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

    Current city: Cranford New Jersey

    I started drawing: As far back as I can remember...

    Favorite artist: Countless! The art I am exposed to online has exploded, showcasing not just comic work but
    concept designers, cover artist, graphic artist, and architects. I check out everything, looking at work from architects has had a huge influence on the textures and finishes I use in my app design work. 

    Favorite book: Game Over, Press Start to Continue. Fascinating look at the early gaming industry. 

    Film I could watch over and
    I could mention films with inspiring cinematography or captaining story telling, but honestly its Avengers. I watch the New York battle over and over again, ha, ha!

    I’m listening to:Talk radio like Opie & Jim and Bennington on SiriusXM Music: Tool, Puscifer, MSI, Avatar, CKY, Jason Charles Millar, Slipknot, its all over the place while I work,

    Last comic book I read: The TMNT issues by Kubert School alumni Cory Smith.

    Drawing instrument of choice:
    Wacom tablet, I am almost entirely digital now.

    Currently working on: High 5 Casino on Facebook, iOS and Android. If you like casino games and great art check us out!

    A bunch of toy packages for Marvel's upcoming Civil War

    You can find my work here: Company websites: and

    Personal portfolio:

    Attended The Kubert School from: 2003 to 2005