The Kubert School Spotlight recognizes a chosen Kubert School instructor or alumni, showcasing their work and journey as a comic book professional.

    Talent from The Kubert School


    Mark Irwin

    Name: Mark Irwin

    First job after finishing school: Art Director Heavy Metal magazine.

    Current job: Executive Editor, Insight Comics

    Reason I Love my job: Crafting an imprint and making beautiful books.

    Current City: Los Angeles, California

    I started drawing when: I was four or five.

    Favorite artist: Bernie Wrightson

    Favorite book: Lord of the Rings

    Film I could watch over and over: Fast Times At Ridgemont High

    I'm listening to: Rush, metal or podcasts while I work.

    Last comic book I read: The Comet, Volume One

    Drawing instrument of choice: Hunt #102

    Currently working on: Too many Insight Comics and Insight Edition titles.

    Attended the Kubert School: 1992 to 1995