The Kubert School Spotlight recognizes a chosen Kubert School instructor or alumni, showcasing their work and journey as a comic book professional.

    Talent from The Kubert School


    Shane Davis

    Penciler under exclusive contract with DC Comics

    Interview by Michael Kraiger

    Shane Davis is a young star in the world of comic book illustration, currently under exclusive contract with DC Comics. Shane was the artist on last year’s best-selling original graphic novel, SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE. Shane is a 2002 graduate of The Kubert School.

    The Kubert School: Shane, what were your expectations of the school?

    SHANE DAVIS: I really did not know what to expect after taking the tour of the school. I was a bit nervous about leaving home.

    TKS: Is there anything with which you feel you struggled?

    Rendering and placement of blacks; using tone to model a figure.

    Is there any one aspect of attending the school that best prepared you for your current career?

    SHANE DAVIS: It got me used to drawing everyday, which is important to growing as an artist.

    TKS: What was your first job after graduation?

    I was working at Blockbuster Video while I was submitting samples to publishers. I eventually started to get some work doing sketch cards. I worked on the Farscape trading cards series and then I found work with DC Comic’s licensing department.

    Was there a moment when you felt like you had achieved what you’d set out to do by coming to the school?

    I’m not sure there was any particular moment; I know I like to draw and I get paid to do that now.

    TKS: About how many hours do you spend at the drawing board on a typical day?

    SHANE DAVIS: It's different day-to-day, page to page, but I average about ten to twelve hours at the board on days I’m working.

    TKS: Who are some of the artists that inspire you?

    SHANE DAVIS: Art Adams, Winsor McCay, Moebius (Jean Giraud).

    TKS: Last year you were acclaimed for your work on SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE. That was a big project. How many pages did it turn out to be?

    That was 125 pages.

    TKS: What was it like working on such a large project? How do you keep up your momentum?

    It was an interesting project -- I just had to do it one page at a time.

    TKS: Since the beginning your career you've drawn Green Lantern, Batman, and Superman. Are there any specific characters or books you'd like to draw?

    SHANE DAVIS: There are tons of characters at both Marvel and DC I still want to draw. Capt. America, Batman, Thor….

    TKS: What’s the best part of your job?

    SHANE DAVIS: Drawing very realistic life moments.

    TKS: What are you working on now?

    SHANE DAVIS: I’m working on a second volume of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE.