Taught by industry professionals, The Kubert School’s Online Studies Program presents the student with a six-week intensive designed for them to learn by instruction and critique. The Online Studies program is a great way to hone your skills and knowledge as a cartoonist.

  • Evenings from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm ET (unless otherwise noted), once a week.  
  • Each class takes place over six weeks for a total of 6 sessions.
  • Classes taught through Google Meet and Google Classroom.
  • Price of $220.
Please email questions to: info@kubertschool.edu 

FALL SESSION BEGINS 11/07/22 - 12/16/22
Registration is Open!


Basic Drawing - Mondays

Fernando Ruiz

6 - 7:30pm


The principles of sketching, drawing, composition and perspective in relation to basic illustration. This will include study of forms and objects.

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Animation Basics - Wednesdays

Suzannah Rowntree

8 - 9:30 pm


This course is an introductory set of animation principles presented to students of all skill levels. Students will leave the class with an understanding of the animation principles that apply universally to animation, no matter what form it takes.

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Create Your Own Comics - Tuesdays

6 - 7:30pm

TJ Sterling


From concept to sitting on the shelf at a comic shop, this class will teach you the ins and outs of putting together your very own comic!


Storyboarding - Thursdays

Abe Audish

8 - 9:30pm


Learn how to storyboard in this course designed to introduce you to key concepts and skills that are needed in the animation and film industries!

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Narrative Art - Mondays

Emma Kubert

6 - 7:30pm


Basics of sequential storytelling and communication by means of graphic illustration.

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Editorial Strategies - Tuesdays

Mike Marts

6 - 7:30pm


Learn the strategies and principles of what makes for a successful and supportive editor in the comics industry!

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