The Curriculum at The Kubert School is an intense and challenging program. However, the value of your education will follow wherever you decide to take your cartooning.

First Year Courses at The Kubert School.

Each course listed below is worth 112.5 Hours – 4.5 Credit Hours. Each credit hour. 

The ten courses together are worth 1125 Hours – 45 Credit Hours

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101. Basic Drawing 1

Is an introduction to the basic principles of drawing for comic books and illustration, with instruction in composition, perspective and foreshortning, simple lighting and shading methods.

102. The Human Figure 1

Fundamentals of figure drawing and human anatomy are explored in this class. Students will spend the major portion of each class drawing from live models, and lectures will introduce the students to the skeleton and human musculature.

103. Narrative Art 1

Students are instructed in the essentials of sequential storytelling for comics. The basics of page layout and composition are matched with expanding the student's understanding of drama and action for maximum narrative effect.

104. Methods and Materials 1 - Black and White Media

This class introduces the student to the variety of methods and materials used in producing art for comic books and illustration. Students will experiment with various wet and dry media including ink, ink wash, scratchboard, markers and dyes.

105. Layout

Using comic book-style commercial illustration as a basis, students learn the tried-and-true methods of developing an illustration from original concept to thumbnail drawings and comprehensive sketches before moving on to the final illustration. There is an emphasis placed on communication between illustrator and editor/art director. 

106. Design

Elements of design are explored in assignments that focus on developing and eye to the rhythm, balance and harmony within comic book pages, covers and illustrations.

107. Humor/Caricature 1

Approaches to humorous illustration and caricature are applied to the variety of formats and outlets for this type of work including newspaper strips, gag cartoons, greeting cards, magazine illustration and advertising. 

108. Lettering

Students are instructed in traditional hand lettering as well as learning the basics of digital lettering with the use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

109. Digital Production I

Basic introduction and instruction to several computer programs used in comic book production, graphic art and digital illustration. Students will learn fundamental comic book coloring and proper formatting of files for publication

110. Introduction to Animation / Storyboarding

Students will learn how to bring their drawings to life through and understanding of movemet and timing. The will learn the basic principles of animation and how to apply them to their own animation studies as well as to their work in comics.