The Curriculum at The Kubert School is an intense and challenging program. However, the value of your education will follow wherever you decide to take your cartooning.

Third Year Courses at The Kubert School.

Each course listed below is worth 112.5 Hours – 4.5 Credit Hours. Each credit hour .

The ten courses together are worth 1125 Hours – 45 Credit Hours.

Cartoon Graphics III 2019 Gainful Employment Disclosure Template - Please click here

301. Sketching and Layout

Practical application of various techniques and solutions to an assortment of illustration problems related to comic book, illustration and advertising art.

302. The Human Figure III

Working from live models students are encouraged to experiment with various rendering techniques while polishing their understanding of human anatomy.

303. Narrative Art III

In-depth study and focused application of sequential storytelling techniques.

304. Digital Production III

Advanced instruction in digital production for print and online use as students establish the foundation for their careers by developing business cards, online portfolios and websites. 

305. Humor/Caricature III

Production of portfolio pieces featuring humor or caricature is the focus of this class.

306. Methods and Material III

An assortment of inking and painting techniques are explored with the aim of expanding skills and creating a more diverse portfolio.

307. Business of Art II /“On the Job”

Students are prepped for the working world of commercial art with instruction in creator rights, client negotiations, invoicing, contracts and establishing oneself as a self-representing artist.

308. Writing & Imaginative Drawing

Examination of basic story structure and character development. Students are instructed in the principles of comic book script writing and are encouraged to develop their own creator-owned properties, The class also cover writing for resumes, query letters, and pitch proposals.

309. Advanced Techniques and Style

Students develop their use of color, tools, and Photoshop techniques in this digital painting class geared toward the illustration and comic book market.

310. Color Illustration II

This class is a further examination of color use as an essential component of illustration and storytelling, with instruction in various oil painting techniques.