After successfully dedicating to the three year program our students go on to graduate from The Kubert School readily prepared to enter their intended career paths. Many are employed to leading companies in Cartooning and Graphic Art.

Caps off to the Graduating Class.

Congratulations to our graduates!

Learn more about our recently graduated class and view their work. 

Morgan Adams

Ivan Marcondes Antonio

Irving Bartolome

Nicholas Caponi

Samir Yosam Cardenas Zavala

Roberto Claudio

Danial Donnelly

Quinn Fabas Smith

Stephen Feane

Adam Gross

Emily Heierbacher

Joshua James

Minkyu Jung

Erik Klaus

Idan Knafo

Cecillia Xiohan Liang

Victor Kun Yun Liu

Robert Miller

Adam Page

Michelle Titus Parylak

Tyler Peach

Petterson Oliveira

Christopher Puglise

Michael Rob Robbins

Vanessa Solis

Brian Uglow

Bruce Vereen Nealous

Travis Walker

Eric Winters

Marki Wolfson