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Kubert School Scholarships - 2020-2021

The Kubert School, is very proud to announce the following scholarships winners


Incoming 1st Year Scholarship

The Joe Kubert Scholarship - Ulysses Roseo Decided in August, 2019. This very special award honoring The Kubert School's founder is based on merit and worth $2,500 and is available to all incoming registered first year students. 

Sergio Cariello Scholarship - Noah Jacquez Decided in August, 2019. $1,000 Award for a worthy incoming student going to TKS. Sponsored by comic book artist and an alumni of the school, Sergio Cariello.

Incoming Cartoon Graphics II Scholarships

Norman Maurer Memorial Scholarship - ADRIAN WOOLNOUGH Norman Albert Maurer (May 13, 1926 – November 23, 1986), a comic book artist and writer, was also a director and producer of films and television shows. $2000 Award for a worthy 1st Year Student going into the 2nd Year at TKS; Sponsored by the  family and friends of Norman Maurer.

A Wave Blue World Scholarships - MARIANO BENITEZ CHAPO and LORENZO JILES  A Wave Blue World is a comic book/graphic novel publishing company for creator-owned projects. Two $1,000 Award for a worthy 1st Year Student going into the 2nd Year at TKS; Sponsored by A Wave Blue World.

Storyteller Award - FRANCESCO CRIVELLI  $500 1ST YEAR TO 2ND Presented  on behalf of Comic Con Revolution

 Zapp Comics Scholarship - ETHAN FARINA $500 Award for a worthy 1st Year student going into the 2nd Year at TKS. Sponsored by ZAPP Comics of Wayne, New Jersey


Incoming Cartoon Graphics III Scholarships

Storyteller Award - ARMAND BODNAR   $500  Presented on behalf of Comic Con Revolution

Dave Cockrum Memorial Scholarship - ADELIA GUNDERSON  $500 Award for a worthy 2nd Year Student going into the 3rd Year at TKS; Sponsored by the family and friends of Dave Cockrum.

Dave Simons Inkwell Memorial Scholarship - RYUSEI SAWADA Dave Simons was an American comic book artist known for his work on Conan, Ghost Rider, Red Sonja, and Spider-Man for Marvel Comics, and Forgotten Realms for DC Comics. $1000 Award for a worthy 2nd Year Student going into the 3rd Year at TKS; Sponsored by the Inkwell Awards.


The La Greca Scholarship - ELENA MORTON $1500 Award to 2nd Year Student going into the 3rd Year to encourage and support emerging comic artists and cartoonists; Sponsored by Charlie LaGreca and Pop Culture Classroom.


Dave Monahan Memorial Scholarship - KEN NSIDINANYA Kubert School alumnus Dave Monahan was a graduate of the Class of ’99. He worked in the Kubert Art Store before starting to receive freelance work from DC Comics (Pirana Press) and Dark Horse Comics. This scholarship was set up in his name after his untimely death due to a sudden illness shortly after he graduated.

$2000 Award for a worthy 2nd Year Student going into the 3rd Year at TKS; Sponsored by the Monahan family.


Graduating Cartoon III Scholarships

Jumpstart Scholarship - PETER CLINTON Presented on behalf of Comic Con Revolution

Phil Amara Scholarship - ZACK MAROIS $500 award annually, for a graduating student to produce his/her original sequential work; Sponsored by children's book author and former comics editor Phil Amara.



$25 gift certificate to the Art Store

 Mariano Chapo

John Torkos

Ken Nsidinanya

Gabby Weber

Leonard Agrusti

Thank you all!  Congratulations to the recipients.  Thank you to the Benefactors. 


INKBLOT - New Image series from two of our 2018 graduates.

2018 Kubert School graduates Emma Kubert and Rusty Gladd, have a creator owned series that will be published by Image Comics this September. Emma began imaging Inkblot while she was a student at the school.

Inkblot takes place in a fantasy world developed by the creators in their shared studio space. It's a true collaborative effort that focuses on a small black cat. A cat that can conjure any reality or travel through time but might still play with it's food.

Anthony Marques and Instructor Taylor Esposito talk Green Hornet

Kubert School owner Anthony Marques and instructor Taylor Esposito, talk about their work together on Dynamites Comics, new Green Hornet title.

Rick Veitch - Cartoonist Laureate

The state of Vermont appointed cartoonist Rick Veitch, as it's fourth Cartoonist Laureate in a ceremony on Thursday April 2nd. Governor Phil Scott congratulated Veitch and called the honor "well deserved."

The Green Mountain state is the only one in the nation to regularly appoint a Cartoonist Laureate.

Rick was a member of the very first graduating class of The Joe Kubert School, he is know for his work on DC Comic's SWAMP THING, his work in HEAVY METAL and EPIC ILLUSTRATED and his own self publishing efforts that include THE BRAT PACK, DREAMS OF A RAREBIT FIEND and others.

In 1998 Veitch was also a founder of the online comic convention and recently launched Eureka Comics, which specializes in educational and informational comics.

Hy Eisman - A Lifetime Achievement

It is our great pleasure to announce that Hy Eisman will be awarded the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement award by the National Cartoonists Society, at the 74th Annual Reuben Awards in Kansas City!

Hy Eisman  was an integral part of The Kubert School as an instructor, from it's founding in 1976 until he retired from teaching in 2018. 

The “Caniff” is awarded by a unanimous vote of the NCS Board of Directors. It is given for a lifetime of outstanding and accomplished work to a cartoonist. 

Hy is currently drawing and writing the gags for the Popeye Sunday strip and for Katzenjammer Kids