Housing is available to students who live beyond commuting distances. Housing is located no more than one mile from the school. Many students do not have access to a car and carpool with other students

Find out where some of our students live.

The Kubert School is located in an old, conservative, small town. Whatever you do, however you conduct yourselves, will directly affect the reputation of Joe Kubert and The Kubert School. The administration will not tolerate any infraction of the house rules. Students who do not abide by the rules will be subject to eviction without any refunds of rent.

For more information please email: admissions@kubertschool.edu

Housing Pictures

The Kubert School operates two housing facilities; The Mansion and the  Carriage House.


Mansion House

Back of Mansion

Carriage House


Rules and Regulations

• Housing agreements will not be activated until school enrollment
   agreements and registration fees are received.
• A student will be advised of his own room assignment on the day
  housing residences open. Housing assignments are not
  transferable with this exception: the school reserves the right to
  move student tenants from one housing unit to another for the best
  utilization of the facilities.
• The Housing Agreement between the student and/or parent or guardian
  and The Kubert School is binding for the entire school year. Breach of
  agreement will result in forfeiture of all room rental monies paid.
• The cancellation of the registration and withholding of certificate
  or diplomas of students with a delinquent account or an unsatisfactory
  financial relationship with the
• The $5.00 key deposit will be forfeited in the event of loss or failure to
   return the housing key. There is a $15.00 mattress cover deposit that is
   not refundable.
• Each student retains full responsibility for the safeguarding and
  protection of his personal property, without recourse, in the event of
  damage or loss for any reason. Any protection of personal property
  through insurance will be arranged by the student’s expense.

Fire precaution:
• Tampering with the fire and safety equipment will be sufficient
   cause for dismissal from a living unit.
• Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are furnished. In
  addition, the third floor Carriage House apartment has a
  portable fire escape ladder. This is to be stored under the
  window, and is to be used only in emergencies. If it has been
  necessary to use the fire extinguishers, immediately notify the
  administration so that the extinguishers can be recharged.
• The student shall not use or permit the premises to be used for
  any disorderly or unlawful purpose or in any manner offensive
  to the other occupants of the building:
                   - No alcoholic beverages
                   - No parties
                   - No illegal drugs
                   - No overnight guests
                   - No guests permitted in sleeping quarters; guests are
                     permitted in the common area only.
• Musical instruments, radio, TV and other sound reproduction
  devices and components shall be played or operated so as not
  disturb any other occupant or neighbor.
• Students shall make no alterations or redecorations to premises
  without prior consent of The Kubert School.
• Students are not permitted to make holes in the walls or to use
  tape on the walls.     
• No animals permitted at any time.
• Administration reserves the right to enter the premises at
  reasonable times for inspection.
• Premises are to be kept clean and neat at all times. (Dishes
  washed, trash cans closed, no garbage or crumbs anywhere.)
  Garbage, grease from frying, etc. is NOT to be poured down
  the sink. Use a disposable container and put it into a garbage
• Prior to moving from a living unit, a student must clean the unit
  thoroughly. Failure to do so will result in an assessment against
  the student of the cost to the school to have the unit properly
• Garbage cans must be lined with plastic garbage bags and
  securely tied. Please make sure immediate area around garbage
  cans is spotless.
• Carriage & Mansion Facility: Bagged garbage is to be placed in the
  commercial dumpster.
• All plumbing is working properly. If any problems are due to
  neglect, students will be responsible.
• Students will charged for the damage to property or equipment.
  Where responsibility can be fixed, damage will be pro-rated
  among the individuals involved.

Note: It is financially beneficial to students to:
         - Keep windows shut in winter and maintain 68 degrees in order to
           conserve oil.
         - Turn off lights when not in use.
         - Excessive use of hot water will cause electric bill and water bill to 
           escalate considerably.
• All personal mail should be sent directly to student housing.
• Students must provide their own bed linens (twin size), blankets, pillows,
  towels and lamps.

• Unauthorized or unsafe personal items may be confiscated and removed
   from the premises or identified and stored for return to the owner at a
   future time.

45 Lehigh Street (Mansion) students:
• If you wish to bring a small, portable refrigerator, it must be
  registered at the office. There is a $50.00 annual charge,
  payable in advance.

• Microwaves and refrigerator are available in Mansion for
  student use.

• Security: Every student has a key to his building. It is very
  important to KEEP DOORS LOCKED.

• In case of any problems:
     - Carriage House and 45 Lehigh Street -- see the Resident

Quiet hours
Everyone has a heavy work load and everyone has different sleeping and work habits. You must be considerate of your fellow students.“QUIET TIME” STARTS AT 11:00 PM

Parking is available at the Carriage House and at 45 Lehigh Street. DO NOT PARK or DRIVE on the grass. Park in parking areas only. Speed limit is 5 mph. Please be careful. There are children in the immediate vicinity. 
In Carriage House:
DO NOT LOCK OR BLOCK doors between apartments since it is illegal, and 
considered a fire hazard to block any fire exits.

Housing Information

Housing facilities:

Carriage House Apartments (45 Lehigh Street)
   - Consists of 2 three bedroom apartments.
The Mansion (45 Lehigh Street)
   - A large building with spacious rooms.

All Housing:

• Meals are not included.
• Linens, blankets bedding, lamps and personal items are to be supplied
  by the students. (Students need to provide their own art tables in housing.)
• Twin size beds, mattress covers and dressers are furnished.

Carriage House:

- A small, limited supply of kitchen equipment is furnished. (Students may want to bring some of their kitchen supplies. (e.g. plates, flatware, pots & pans, coffee maker, etc.)

Housing space is reserved on a first come, first reserved basis, I.E., postmark date of signed housing agreement and housing fee paid in full. The housing agreement and fees will be valid only for registered students who have submitted their enrollment agreement and registration fee.

The School reserves the right to make any changes in the fees or accommodations if circumstances warrant upon 30 days advance notification.

What to Bring:

Pillows and Pillow Cases
Bed Linens
Shower Shoes
Fan - there is no A/C
Personal Toiletries
Microwavable Food
laundry Detergent
Laundry Basket
Over-The-Counter Medicines
Prescription Medicines
General Cleaning Supplies
Trash Can
Trash Bags
Desk Lamp and Bulb
Vacuum for Dorm Room

What NOT to Bring:

Space Heaters - Fire Hazard
Weapons of any kind
Darts or dartboards