Portfolio Days are intended for 3rd- year students to showcase their work to companies recruiting creative talent. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to make connections and possible contacts for future purposes.

Showcase your portfolio to potential employers.

Many publishers and other businesses visit The Kubert School to review portfolios for the purpose of recruiting creative talent. In the past we have had representatives from such companies as Hallmark Greeting Cards, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro Toys, Archie Comics, TokyoPop and Nickelodeon. Normally DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and MADA Design visit the school in the spring to view portfolios.

Keep a look out for our next Portfolio Day at The Kubert School.

2021 Portfolio Reviews.

The Class of 2020 has some very unique opportunities to have their portfolios reviewed by publishers and established artists. 

Portfolio Reviews
April 9th - Portfolio review by Dynamite Entertainment Editor, Kevin Ketner.
April 20th - Portfolio review by Valiant Entertainment Senior Editor, Lysa Hawkins.
April 23rd - Portfolio review by A Wave Blue World Publisher, Tyler Chin-Tanner. 
April 24th - Portfolio review by Marvel Entertainment Editor, Emily Newcomen.
April 29th - Portfolio review by Andy Kubert and Nick Napalitano of DC Comics.
May 4th - Portfolio review by Aftershock Comics Managing Editor, Christina Harrington.
May 7th - Portfolio review by Berger Books, Richard Bruning
May 11th - Fractured Pixels
May 13th and May 14th - PIXAR
May 18th - Boom Studios
Convention Appearances