The Kubert School finds it to be helpful in bringing special guest speakers who inform our students about their profession and other new and exciting happenings in the world of Cartooning and Graphic Art.

Featured guest speakers at The Kubert School.

Below are some of the guest speakers The Kubert School has been privileged to host.

Geoff Johns - Writer (DC Comics)
Jason Fabok - Illustrator (DC Comics)
Bill Sienkiewicz - Illustrator (Elektra Assassin)
Shane Davis - Penciler  (Earth One Superman)
Sean Murphy - Artist (Off Road & Joe the Barbarian)
Jimmy Palmiotti - Writer (Jonah Hex)
Darwyn Cooke - Writer and Artist (New Frontier, The Spirit, Parker)
CB Cebulski - Marvel Comics Talent Scout
Nick Lowe - Marvel Comics Editor
Jim Lee - DC Comics Co-Publisher
Morry Hollowell - Colorist (Civil War and Old Man Logan)
Fabio Moon - Writer and Artist (Daytripper, Casanova, BPRD 1947)
Gabriel Ba - Writer and Artist (Daytripper, Umbrella Academy, Casanova)
Rafael Albuquerque - Artist (American Vampire)
Edwin Huang - Artist (Blizzard Entertainment, CAPCOM,  Skullkickers)
Carly Sanker - Artist (M.I.T., 61 Solutions)
Tayo - International political cartoonist and illustrator