Here at The Kubert School we try to make our students’ school experience a memorable one. We try provide our students with positive moments and events during their years at The Kubert School.

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Field Trip – New York Comic Con

Each year The Kubert School participates in the New York Comic Con, by sending our students to New York City on the Friday of the convention. Each student is issued a professional badge that allows them entrance to the convention for the entire weekend. Buses leave the school early in the morning and return later that evening. This trip gives the students an opportunity to talk with publishers and already established artists and industry professionals, as well as making them aware of what's happening in comic book entertainment field..

Annual Halloween Costume Contest

We celebrate the best holiday of the year with our annual Halloween Costume Contest. Students show their inventiveness and love for their favorite characters with an amazing array of costumes. Judges choose winners from several categories and prizes include gift certificates from the art supply store.

Student Clubs

As a way of fostering interaction among students there are several clubs that get together weekly during lab-time. Some of the clubs that proved popular are.

Role Playing - There are several groups with different campaigns that run throughout the year including Dungeons and Dragons and Star Trek.

Film Club - Weekly investigations in a variety of films and film themes.

Bible Study - Weekly meditation on the good book.

Pizza Party

Our Third year students put in a lot of work in their final year here at the school so we have a tradition of giving them a little treat at the end of the year with a pizza party. It's an opportunity for then to relax and enjoy a tasty lunch and for us to let them know how proud we of all their efforts.

Last Day of Classes & Graduation Ceremony

Last Day of Classes and The Kubert School Graduation Ceremony.

The last day of classes will be Wednesday May 24th with the graduation ceremony taking place the following evening, Thursday, May 25th.